Italy Handmade Match Pewter 95 Round Wine Bottle Coaster Silver Oak 5.5″


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Italy Handmade Match Pewter 95 Round Wine Bottle Coaster Silver Oak 5.5″

The Italy Handmade Match Pewter 95 Round Wine Bottle Coaster Silver Oak 5.5″

  • Pewter Round Bottle Coaster says “Silver Oak” at the top, has a flat cork back.
  • Condition: Pre-Owned, Does have a cut /scratch approximately 3/4″ to 1″ long on top and down to side above the “AK in oak” See the zoomed in picture for a complete description.
  • Approximate Measurements:
    • Diameter: 5.5″
  • I couldn’t find anything like this one on the internet, so let me know if you do.  It is a unique wine bottle coaster handmade by MATCH with the words Silver Oak written on top.  Silver Oak is an expensive wine brand.
  • If you need more pictures or have questions please let me know.  Thanks

Included is a description tag for the wine coaster that says the following:

“MATCH PEWTER IS HANDMADE by artisans in the north of Italy.  Each piece is made with a lead-free alloy of tin, copper, antimony, that is FDA approved and food safe.

Since 3000 BC pewter has been used to make useful and decorative articles.  Today this ancient tradition is continued by artisans fashioning pewter into functional objects of warmth and beauty.

The classic forms of Match Pewter harmonize with both traditional and modern settings.  Its warm reflections recall celebrations at well-laid tables and storytelling by candlelight.

How to care for your pewter – Pewter tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance.  To clean your pewter after using it to serve food, hand wash in warm water using liquid dish soap.  Dry the pewter completely.  If water is allowed to dry on your pewter, it may cause spots.  However, these spots can easily be removed by using a metal polish or gently rubbing the area with small circular motions using extra fine “0000” steel wool.  If you want to polish your pewter, almost any metal polish will do.  Please read the container before you purchase.

♥ Beautiful Wine Bottle Coaster comes with a description tag, and MATCH bag as you see in pictures.

Hallmarks: “Silver Oak” and an unknown stamp, a stamp that says “95” and an “M” stamp.  See pictures

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In addition, Italy Handmade Match Pewter 95 Round Wine Bottle Coaster Silver Oak 5.5″

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