Vintage Rare Grafofoni Columbia Painted Table Lamp


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Vintage Rare Grafofoni Columbia Painted Table Lamp

This vintage Grafofoni Columbia painted lamp has three pieces, including the base, the shade, and the screw on top.  The main materials are glass shade and metal lamps.

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  • Approximate Dimensions: 13 1/2″ Tall X 7′ square at the shade
  • The shade is made up of four painted panels, in the shape of a pyramid with the top cut off.  The Shade has the same writing on each one, it says “VENDITA ANCHE A RATE CATA LOGHIGRATIS” near the top of the shade, and “GRAFOFONI COLUMBIA” and “VIADANTE-9-MILANO” is written near the bottom.  Painted on the panels are a man and woman dancing to Gramophone music.  The four panels also are painted with an old-style Gramaphone and trumpet speaker in the background.
  • The lamp is a heavy metal shaped like a column with four sides, and an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

According to a sticker on the lamp that says, “CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE USE 40 WATT CANDELABRA LAMP(S) MAX.”

  • The lamp is in working condition, with no frays on the wire.  The plug has an on / off switch.
  • Selling as is – see pictures for a complete description.  On one of the panels, It does have what appears to be a small brushstroke of black paint at a diagonal from the women’s green dress towards the gramophone.  The strip is less than 1/4″ wide and fades off.  The length of the black paint stroke is approximately 1.5″ long. Not sure if it is from the original artist who painted a lamp or something else. (SEE LAST PICTURE)
  • The bottom of the lamp is a black/brown felt material with a sticker below.
Please see the pictures for a complete description.  If you need more pictures or have questions please ask before you buy it.


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