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History of JJ Jonette

According to the internet, “JJ” is a registered trademark that stands for “Jonette Jewelry Company.”  Jonette Jewelry was a family-owned business that made collectible costume jewelry for over 60 years.  
JONETTE JEWELRY was founded by Abraham Lisker in East Providence, Rhode Island and was originally called the “Providence Jewelry Company.”  

The company changed its name to “Lisker & Lisker” when Abraham’s brother Nathan joined him in the business.  Production ceased temporarily during World War II.  After the war, the company re-emerged as “Jonette Jewelry” in honor of the Abraham and Nathan’s parents — “John” and “Etta.”
In 1970, the company began marking its jewelry with the distinctive “JJ” trademark on all pieces.  In 1986 they registered the popular “Artifacts” mark.  Additionally, the company marketed a pewter line of animals of the American West under the “Santa Fe” mark.
JJ Jonette went out of business in 2006.